Cassadee Pope drops music video for ‘I Died’ featuring Dashia Mcbride

Grammy-nominated, Platinum-certified singer-songwriter, Cassadee Pope has shared her new music video for the single I Died’ feat. Dashia Mcbride, off of her forthcoming album, ‘Hereditary.’ The album marks The Voice winner’s first full-length following her shift from country back to her pop punk roots. 

With ‘I Died’, the former voice of rock band Hey Monday masterfully captures the raw emotions of love, loss and longing following a one sided breakup.

The pop punk / rap track delves into the feelings of abandonment while channeling the strength it takes to move forward from heartache. The track serves as a reminder that even in our darkest moments, we can find solace in shared experiences. The collaboration between Cassadee and Daisha has created a genre blending fusion of pop punk and rap, proving that even when we feel our most vulnerable, music will always be there to offer a sense of community. 

Cassadee shares: “I knew nobody would be able to execute my idea for this video better than my friend Ed Pryor. We wanted the aesthetic to really lean into the lyric about feeling like someone has made you feel like a ghost by cutting you off. We flipped the lyric on it’s head and decided to have Daisha and I essentially haunt our exes with creepy camcorder recordings and sauntering in the shadows. It was very fun to shoot and I absolutely love the eeriness of it!” 

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