Corey Duffel shares new video for Adored Skateboarding

In celebration of the first release from Adored Skateboarding, the company released the short video, filmed, edited, and directed by brothers Matthew and Brett Celestre.
“We wanted to make something fun to go with the skateboard graphic designed by Matt Celestre which is inspired by one of our favorite films and scenes from the movie. The board is limited to 100 pieces only,” shared Duffel in front of the band, and added: “One Saturday morning and afternoon we met up to film and have fun. This is what we created and I hope you enjoy it. The song is also very special and I am honored that The Cry gave us permission to use their music for this edit. Adored is all about paying respects to the ones who inspire us. Music, art, and skateboarding.”
Watch Corey put the needle on the record, and then hit some dust below.

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