Delta Heavy share ‘Space Time VIP / Take the Stairs VIP’

08.11.2010. A day that everything changed for Ben and Simon of Delta Heavy, and the start of a journey that has taken them to all parts of the globe and to places they never thought possible. Now, ten years on, the duo marks the occasion by revisiting the two tracks that launched their career and their extensive catalog on one of the UK dance industry’s leading imprints, Ram Records.

In their own words:‘Space Time’ and ‘Take The Stairs’ will always hold a special place in our hearts as two of the records we are most proud of, and they represent the pivotal moment when a dream became a reality. We will never forget the moment we were in the crowd with a group of our mates at a Ram night at Matter and Andy C intro-ed his set with ‘Space Time.’ A cherished memory that feels ever more special given the challenging times we are all facing in 2020. These VIP versions have taken a long time to get right; we wanted to update the production to our current levels whilst giving them both a new twist that still felt respectful to the original tracks. We’re excited to share them with the world as a way of thanking everyone who has helped us get to where we are today.”


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