East London’s rising star Jeshi drops Hard-hitting single ‘Look Like Trouble’

Jeshi shares his hard-hitting high octane new single ‘Look Like Trouble.’ The follow on from the poignant and 2020-appropriate ‘Mask On,’ the new single is a reflective moment from Jeshi. Produced by Kwes Darko (Slowthai, ASAP Rocky, Pa Salieu), ‘Look Like Trouble.’ speaks on the madness of youth, and how our younger years rub off on us; we walk around with them forever. A poignant statement on the prominence of stereotypes – being seen in a certain way and given definitive labels that you may no longer own.

Speaking on the single, Jeshi explains: “All these experiences mould you into the person you are. Into the trouble they see you as.”

The accompanying visual is a powerful representation of the anger and frustration one holds onto from their youth. Smashing mirrors and playing with fire. But it is also a moment of ownership, growth, and purging; releasing those emotions and turning them into a statement of intent for the future. “You can blame the world I grew up in. You say I look like trouble. I guess I do too.”

Growing up in Walthamstow in east London in the early 2000s, Jeshi was inspired throughout childhood by the likes of the Neptunes, Eminem, and Erykah Badu. He paid devoted attention to MTV, and blue-toothed Giggs’ underground tracks with his friends. When he was 11, he discovered legendary grime and UK rap cable station Channel U and was drawn to its DIY, low-budget aesthetic. His musical horizons broadened later in his teens, to take in stranger glitchy electronic music –Toro Y Moi’s ‘So Many Details’ bring a game-changer. Jeshi felt liberated to work outside of the social norms built around him, exploring and experimenting and culminating in the free-wheeling, unique rap sound he is known for.

2019 saw the release of Celeste‘s single ‘Summer’ featuring Jeshi, a sultry, low-rumbling 2019 collaboration, which has racked up over a million Spotify plays. This year also saw a tour with Slowthai and countless deep, productive studio sessions – resulting in a wealth of new material. Celeste also features on ’30, 000 Feet’ on Jeshi’s most recent project, ‘Bad Taste,’ which landed earlier this year – a perfect concoction of blitzed bangers and unconventional, mind-bending detours through the young rapper’s vivid take on the world.

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