De’Wayne teams up with grandson on a new single ‘Good Mood’

De’Wayne joined forces with grandson for a new single titled ‘Good Mood.’ The new track follows his recent collaboration with Poorstacy on ‘Die Out Here.’ In case you missed it, check it out HERE.

Speaking of the new song, De’Wayne shares: ‘Good Mood’ explains what’s been going on in my head over the last few years being able to sit and observe and most importantly learn how I’m going to infiltrate in the most beautiful/raw way. No matter how hard life and doubters kick you down, you go harder than them. I would say the overarching theme is to get to it by any means necessary.”

On working with grandson, the artist said: “My true feelings about this is pure joy… it was just perfect timing. We got the drums going, and [grandson] hopped on the mic and bodied it. I laid down a verse, he laid down a melody, and we cooked the whole night. It was awesome.”


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