DFL release deluxe re-issue of their iconic debut album ‘My Crazy Life’

Originally released on the Beastie Boys’ own Grand Royal Records in 1994, the record turned heads as it was fueled by the savage power of first-wave hardcore during a time when punk rock was heading in a poppier, radio-friendly direction. The reissue is the first time the album has ever been on 12-inch vinyl and is also the first printing of the album in 29 years.

The band brought in original producer Mario Caldato Jr. (Beastie Boys, Moby, Freddie Gibbs) to remaster the entire release. Further, the re-issue contains expanded art, unreleased pictures, as well as a 10,000-word oral history of the band, as taken from interviews with the band members themselves, Grand Royal Records executives, and other contributors from the scene. As an additional bonus, the first run of the reissue will come with a complete, previously unreleased, live show titled ‘Live at G-Son Studios.’ The live album was professionally recorded by Caldato at the Beastie BoysG-Son Studio during a party the day after DFL recorded the tracks from ‘My Crazy Life’ and features eleven, savage live recordings.

As part of Trust Records ‘One Two Me You’ series, DFL’s Monty Messex joins actress Ione Skye (‘Say Anything’) in G-Son Studios for a deep dive into the band’s history and emergence onto the LA scene back in the 90s.

‘My Crazy Life’ is available in stores and across all digital retailers today via Trust Records. Trust is an archival record label whose mission is to preserve and present classic punk records as an iconic and important part of America’s cultural history, much in the same way as jazz, folk, and the blues have been celebrated. In order to pay tribute to the iconic records that it releases, each Trust pressing is presented as a deluxe release with premium vinyl, expanded and heavy-duty liner notes and jacket, as well as other bonuses. Trust Records previously released deluxe reissues of Circle Jerks‘Group Sex’ and 7 Seconds‘The Crew,’ both of which received massive critical acclaim.

DFL – ‘My Crazy Life Deluxe’ artwork

‘My Crazy Life,’ Deluxe Reissue Track Listing: 

Side A – Original Album (Remastered by Mario C)

01. DFL
02. The Mosher
03. U Don’t Understand 
04. Pizza Man
05. Metermaid 
06. Monks Honor 
07. Knucklehead Nation 
08. America’s Most Hardcore
09. Get the Fuck Out
10. Think About the Pit
11. FFF
12. Smokebomb 
13. Don’t Be a Kook
14. Creamcheese N’ Handgrenades
15. My Crazy Life
Side B – Live at G-Son Studios (Previously Unreleased)

01. Intro 
02. DFL 
03. The Mosher
04. U Don’t Understand 
05. Pizza Man 
06. Metermaid
07. Monks Honor 
08. Knucklehead Nation
09. America’s Most Hardcore 
10. Get the Fuck Out
11. Think About the Pit
12. FFF

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