Dirty Heads drop new single ‘Earthquake Weather’

Dirty Heads have releases ‘Earthquake Weather,’ the second single from their forthcoming album ‘California Island’ due for release in March 2021 via Better Noise Music. ‘Earthquake Weather’ is a fun, chilled out song that embodies all the best parts of Dirty Heads with rapped verses broken up by acoustic guitar, synth, and catchy chorus breaks. Dirty Heads masterfully combines elements of hip-hop, reggae, and rock in this California themed anthem, seamlessly switching between genres.

Dirty Heads vocalist Jared Watson raps: “You can’t kick sand if there ain’t no beach.” “That was the first line I came up with for the song and then we got into the concept” Jared said. “We started talking about how fucked 2020 was and everything else that was going on and I have no idea how it landed here, but someone said ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if we [West Coast] were our own island and a massive earthquake just broke us off nicely at the border and we softly drifted into the Pacific Ocean and into nice, warm weather?’ I thought it was a really funny idea and it became what we used as the aesthetic of the album.”

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