Dirty Heads team up with Jon Z to remix ‘Vacation’

Dirty Heads, the reggae-influenced band redefining the sound of Southern California since 2003, dropped a bilingual Spanish/English remix for ‘Vacation’ the global smash song behind the #VacationTransition TikTok challenge, with Latin music sensation Jon Z. Titled ‘Vacation Y Vacaciones,’ the remix is out via Better Noise Music.

Extending the celebrations of the song’s global success, Puerto Rican trap artist Jon Z wanted to add his own spin to the song, adding a fresh take that further includes the worldwide Spanish-speaking audience who have enthusiastically participated in the social media phenomenon over the past few months.

Excited about the remix and reconnecting with fans on the road, lead singer Jared Watson said “We were stoked to have Jon Z jump on the track and add his own style to it. And we hope to get down to Mexico and South America to play some live music as soon as we can.”

Jon Z added “I am so happy I was able to collaborate with Dirty Heads. They are genuine to their artistic style, and we share a similar vibe. I hope everyone has as fun listening to this as we did making it together.”

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