Ink Bomb rereleased their classic ‘Invincible Summer’

In order to liven up this somber summer without live music, Dutch punk rock band Ink Bomb re-releases the title song of their 2016′ debut EP ‘Invincible Summer.’

According to guitar player Quirijn Foeken, the original version was ‘nice, but with lots of room for improvement’. “When I finished recording our split with No Breakfast Goodbye, I revisited our older songs – as I always do. If you listen to the version of ‘Invincible Summer’ we played in Doornroosje, you’ll notice it sounds more intense than the studio version. With a higher tempo, more vocals.”

Singer Joost Hoedemaeckers regards the freedom-loving, carefree song ‘Invincible Summer ’21’ in these meager times as “an antidepressant against the heavyweight of the world on your shoulders.” Furthermore, the song has grown simultaneously with the band. Bass player Arina Banga: “As a band, we’ve grown in songwriting as well as in interplay and we think you can hear that in ‘Invincible Summer ’21.’ My bass line for example: in 2016 it was quite basic. Now, it’s more, how do I put it…”

“More frilly”, drummer Paul van de Geijn adds. with Arina laughing: “The frillyness increased considerably indeed!”

Just as the original version ‘Invincible Summer ’21’ was recorded and mixed by Quirijn Foeken of Fiction Studio. The mastering was done by the American Bill Henderson of Azimuth Mastering.

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