Ed Rush and Audio team up for new project Killbox

After the announcement that Ed Rush and Audio would be joining arms to present their brand new Killbox project, their stream of releases has been relentless. Although this can only be expected from artists who have decade’s worth of experience within drum & bass, paving their own ways and even shaping the genre’s foundations. The epitomic part of their project now comes in the form of their forthcoming LP ‘Pleasure Palace,’ a colossal fourteen tracks which include a host of unreleased records reclaiming their places as contemporary pillars within the scene. They’re now set to add to their conjoined history and ‘Pleasure Palace’ offers another chapter, alongside many of their standalone, groundbreaking albums.

Having already unveiled the likes of ‘Cousin of Zilch,’ ‘Clickbait’ featuring Rymetyme, ‘Neverwhere’ and ‘Witchmaker,’ which have lined many of the biggest sets over the last time twelve months, they are set to explode back onto the market with a huge selection of fresh cuts. The gritty sounds of ‘Colony’ with its manipulated bass movements open the LP, with ‘Kashmir Uzi’ continuing the assault. ‘Goldfoot’ crashes forward with the same ferocity whilst ‘Kurtz’ rolls into play with crunching LFOs.

The peaking vocals of ‘Nitty Gritty’ smashes through alongside its climatic breaks, followed by in quick succession by ‘Shoreditch Shuffle’ and ‘Delete Profile.’ They both channel the same chaos but ‘Delete Profile’ expands with a more subdued air. ‘Real World’ once again ramps up the tracklisting with its executioners’ style, whilst ‘Soul Eject’ appeals to the pairs more old-school roots with its cranking snares. Closing the album, ‘Troll Eater’ comes fast and hard, the final climax with a lasting impression. It’s an undeniably versatile collection, projecting a side of both artists which have yet to be.

‘Pleasure Palace’ will be released on the twenty-five-year strong dance imprint RAM Records and the stage has already been set. After decimating crowds at London’s definitive Arcadia show, their soundtrack is about to be unleashed on drum & bass’ wider audience.


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