Emo pop punk outfit Solene release new EP ‘Sold-Out Season’

Pop Punk band Solene is back with an exciting release that promises to win fans over with their new songs. Entitled ‘Sold-Out Season,’ the EP presents a deeper and more melancholy perspective, contrasting with the energetic sound of their previous works. The quartet also released the video for ‘P.S. You Saved My Life,’ the track is part of the new EP.

Unlike the positive, upbeat style of their previous EP, ‘Available To Fall,’ ‘Sold-Out Season’ brings out the band’s B-side, exploring more emotional and reflective themes. The new production dives into deeper and more intimate feelings, offering lyrics that address melancholy and sadness, accompanied by emotional and at the same time heavy melodies.

The EP opens on a happy and energetic note, reflecting the band’s characteristic Pop Punk identity. The first tracks are marked by contagious riffs and catchy choruses, which capture the vibrant essence of the band. However, as you progress through the tracks, the atmosphere gradually transforms, and the band dives into a more introspective musical journey.

As ‘Sold-Out Season’ progresses, listeners are invited to explore a more vulnerable side of the band. Deep lyrics, which portray emotional experiences, are enriched by musical arrangements that create a melancholy and touching atmosphere. This subtle and artistic transition of the tracks shows Solene’s unique ability to reinvent itself, revealing different facets of its musical identity.

‘Sold-Out Season’ and their previous EP, ‘Available To Fall,’ represent two complementary extremes of the band. While ‘Available To Fall’ encouraged personal goals and positive self-esteem, ‘Sold-Out Season’ delves into the complexities of human emotions, providing a musical journey filled with introspection.

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