City Windows release new album ‘Velvet Divorce’

City Windows is going all-in for their new sophomore release, ‘Velvet Divorce.’ The seasoned four-piece rock band has built on the success of their debut album, ‘Oxbow,’ these San Diegans are back with 8 new tracks. This time self-releasing on their own label, appropriately monikered, Midwest Migration Records.

Hailing from diverse musical backgrounds, City Windows weaves together a tapestry of exploration on this new effort. Lead vocalist, Lyle Pavuk, brings a raw intensity to the record, his voice and searing guitar rhythms create a powerful foundation for the songs. Sean Sullivan, the bassist, provides a driving thunderous low-end tone, his rhythms intertwining effortlessly with the record’s melodies. Ryan Steele, showcasing the band’s gruffer vocal & lead guitar duties, rips through the album with tasteful playing and some blistering solos. And holding it all together is Aaron Weislogel, the powerhouse drummer who delivers a relentless beat, propelling the band’s music song after song.

‘Velvet Divorce’ showcases the band’s growth and evolution. Drawing inspiration from punk rock and hardcore, their sound resonates with a blend of classic and modern influences. From the anthemic choruses that invite listeners to sing along, to the introspective slower cuts, City Windows is immersing the audience in a fun ride around the album, an emotional sequence that never fails to captivate.

With a unique ability to craft both infectious hooks and thought-provoking + socially conscious lyrics, ‘Velvet Divorce’ explores themes of politics, big pharma, love, loss, and self-discovery. Their songs are filled with honest reflections on the human experience, delivering a cathartic release for both the band and their listeners.

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