Fallen Footwear adds Christopher Hiett to the team

Fallen Footwear announced a new edition into their team. The latest edition comes in the form of Indiana destroyer Christopher Hiett. The announcement came in with a short welcome video filmed by Dale Decker and Kevin Marquez and edited by Marquez, which can be seen below. Also, stay tuned as the full part is on the way!

About the new addition, Fallen shared: “We are so excited to introduce Christopher Hiett​ to the Fallen family officially! If you don’t know of Christopher yet, he’s got a rad, unique style, crazy bag of tricks, skates some throwback style Powell Peralta boards, and is one the nicest dudes out there.

We originally met Christopher through his local shop/park, Killer Skate Park, in Evansville, Indiana. The guys at Killer hit us up, saying, you got to flow one of our riders; he rips and loves Fallen, so naturally, we started hooking him up.

About a year later and lots of weekends killing it with everyone, naturally, it all made sense. This is one of those dream scenarios from shop flow to getting officially on the team, and we are so stoked it worked out that way!

Welcome to the Team Christopher!”

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