Sugi Dakks premiers new single ‘Crazy’

After the success of his EP ‘Deeply Rooted’ Sugi Dakks released his follow-up single, ‘Crazy.’ Working closely with rap legend Wale throughout 2019 has left an indelible musical mark on Sugi. On this new single his musicianship shines as strong as his flow.

An energetic slice of jazz, hip-hop, funk, and soul, ‘Crazy’ takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the cut-throat world of dating, especially when a guy doesn’t have a lot in the bank. Featuring Whitney Meyers from seminal soul act Triorca, Sugi Dakks pleads his case under a driving funk beat and intense horns worthy of a hot date.

“You wanna get out there but dating is almost a trap in LA – nobody talks about how expensive it can be! I wanted to have fun with some of the messed up scenarios I’ve found myself in since moving here. In the video I wanted to highlight how some relationships can be so wrapped up in financial success or material possessions there’s nothing left to keep these two people together,” Sugi Dakks.


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