FRND CRCL release urban punk album ‘Suburban Dictionary’

Pop punk group FRND CRCL (pronounced “Friend Circle”) have released their highly anticipated third studio album, ‘Suburban Dictionary.’ The band’s punk rock take on today’s modern spiritual revolution entitled ‘Suburban Dictionary’ is a conceptual piece that, from start to finish, takes listeners through the motions of a day in the life of the average suburbanite.

Starting at ‘7AM’ and delving into social issues, love, and mental health, FRND CRCL‘s depiction of suburban life is a relatable take on the classic emo-esque storyline of fitting in, standing out, growing up, relationships, gossip, and much more throughout the 14 track narrative.

The juxtaposition between the instrumentals reminiscent of peak 2010s pop punk and heavy lyrics brings a familiar, nostalgic feeling back to the surface with each profound pop punk anthem. With fresh catchy melodies, anthemic choruses and guitar breakdowns, the progression of songs and overall concept is an encapsulation of the band’s evolution, summarizing FRND CRCL as a whole while defining their signature urban punk and imaginative sound.

“People ask us all the time what FRND CRCL means” shares the band. “You’re the realest version of yourself when you’re with your friends; this albums for those who relate to their friends more than the life around them… whether that be their home life, society, in their newsfeed or on tv.”

Frnd Crcl – ‘Suburban Dictionary’ artwork

‘Suburban Dictionary’ Tracklist:

01. 7AM
02. No Bad Days
03. ADHD
04. Golden
05. Orange Tang
06. Clinically Insane
07. Fuck California
08. No Chill
09. 47
10. Don’t Wait Up
11. Kids
12. Midnight
14. Alright

FRND CRCL continue to carve their niche into the realm of pop punk, bringing their delightful nostalgic yet strikingly infectious fresh feel into the now. Catch them live at an upcoming performance near you.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

July 20th – West York Inn – York, PA
July 21st – Bound Brook Moose – Manville, NJ
July 22nd – Mahall’s – Lakewood, OH
July 27th – Gideon’s House Show – Mt. Holly, NJ
August 6th – Amityville Music Hall – Long Island, NY
August 22nd – Walmart Beach Pier – Philadelphia, PA
August 25th – Subterranean Downstairs – Chicago, IL
September 7th – The Knitting Factory – Los Angeles, CA
September 9th – Great Room – Fresno, CA
September 10th – The Artifice – Las Vegas, NV
September 11th – The Nile – Phoenix, AZ
October 6th – 5th Brewing Company – Perryville, MD
October 7th – The Grape Room – Manayunk, PA


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