High Contrast and Bou teamed up for the new single ‘Don’t Need You’

Following the successful launch of his label Gossip earlier this year, DNB Arena and Drum & Bass Award winner Bou invites esteemed producer High Contrast to his imprint for the ultimate collab single ‘Don’t Need You.’

Set to continue the momentum of Bou’s label launch, the new single follows the first two Gossip releases ‘Talk To Me’ and ‘Cous Cous’ alongside Inja which both secured Beatport no.1 spots. After meeting for the first time at Let It Roll, the stars aligned for a legendary High Contrast and Bou collab with their sounds molding a fresh sonic landscape only possible between this unique pairing:

“Collaborating with Lincoln was completely different from working with any other artist before, we work so differently but it somehow blended really nicely, we tried to make a track that was going to hit in the raves and work just as well listening at home and I think we achieved that, this was a really fun collab to work on!” shared Bou.

Bou and I have very different styles but I felt a real connection with his tunes. They really stand out from the pack and I thought if we got in the studio together we could come up with something interesting. The resulting track is a real fusion of our sounds, with the crisp minimalism of his drums and haunting bass sounds mixed with my melancholy melodies and vocal cut-ups. It’s a tune I don’t think either of us would have made without the other artist and hopefully brings the best of both our worlds,” added High Contrast.

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