Ink Bomb and No Breakfast Goodbye release new split album

The split album by the Dutch punk rock bands Ink Bomb and No Breakfast Goodbye is out now. The album can be heard on the Bandcamp page of both bands and on all streaming platforms.

When the pandemic started, the only way to stay active as a band was to write and record new songs. That’s why Ink Bomb and No Breakfast Goodbye didn’t hesitate to join forces and record a split together. Both bands fall into the skate punk category, but they also differ, which makes them an interesting combination. Whereas Ink Bomb sounds a bit darker and more melancholic, the music of No Breakfast Goodbye is more direct and energetic.

The bands recorded their tracks simultaneously in Fiction Studio of Ink Bomb guitarist Quirijn Foeken. “Recording two bands at the same time was really challenging because you’re constantly doing different things. One day you’re recording bass from one band, the next you’re mixing guitar tracks from the other band. We even recorded the drums of both bands on the same day. Halfway through the day we replaced Paul‘s drum kit with Jamie‘s and continued. That was a very intensive studio day of about 15 hours.”


Ink Bomb/No Breakfast Goodbye split album tracklist:

1. Ink Bomb – Mutilation Boy
2. Ink Bomb – Dorothy Enters Technicolor
3. Ink Bomb – Turn it Around
4. No Breakfast Goodbye – No Dice
5. No Breakfast Goodbye – The Losers Club
6. No Breakfast Goodbye – Fisherman’s Friend

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