Jimmy Eat World share atmospheric new single ‘Place Your Debts’

It’s hard not to love Jimmy Eat World, and songs like this are perfect examples of why. The band just returned with a beautifully atmospheric new single ‘Place Your Debts,’ which can be heard below.

“The ‘debt’ you rack up is the time you spend avoiding doing the work to know yourself. You buy an ending every time you start something, and the cost is determined by how closely you pay attention to your personal condition,” shared frontman Jim Adkins about the song.

The song also comes with a video, about which Adkins shared: “It’s a series of many, many edits of me singing to the camera. While every shot is different in terms of background, I’m framed with as close to the same composition in every one. It is a concept you can’t really scout for. You have to just be aware and be looking for interesting locations all the time.”

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