Justin Courtney Pierre releases new EP ‘Permanent Midnight’

Justin Courtney Pierre shared his brand-new EP ‘Permanent Midnight’ – the fourth and final installment of an ambitious series that commenced in 2021. The new EP finds Pierre once again in a reflective mood, exploring aging, fatherhood, family, and longing via strikingly personal narratives. After a long wait for the final entry in Pierre’s series of EPs, ‘Permanent Midnight’ traces a heartwarming portrait of perseverance and warmth, tributing all of the people who pushed him through his battles.”

Produced and engineered by Jacob Carlson at Defhaus Studios, the project kicked off with the jangly lead single ‘House Of Strangers,’ followed by a tender indie-rock ballad, ‘So Beautiful And Difficult.’ After releasing his solo debut album ‘In The Drink’ in 2018, the Motion City Soundtrack frontman commenced the four-part EP series with ‘An Anthropologist on Mars’ (March 2021), ‘The Price Of Salt’ (July 2021), and ‘Ghost World’ (November 2021).

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