Zebrahead release new single ‘Evil Anonymous’

Zebrahead have released their new single ‘Evil Anonymous,’ adding a touch of ska to their genre-bending blend of rap-core and punk pop. The track is the third taste of their upcoming EP ‘II,’ due for release on 3rd February 2023. Zebrahead enlisted the help of their friends from the La Pobreska horn section to add some extra flavor to the song.

‘Evil Anonymous’ is about those people that praise when you’re winning, but when you’re losing, they show their true colors,” explains vocalist/guitarist Adrian Estrella. “An evil ska song that kicks you in the teeth while making you sing along. Time to cut loose and dance along…you know you like to dance,” adds bassist Ben Osmundson.

In late 2021 a renewed fire was ignited within Zebrahead and from a long, one-day creative session came a series of EPs: ‘III,’ ‘II,’ and ‘I.’ ‘No Tomorrow’ will be followed by monthly song releases that culminate with the band’s ‘II’ EP in February 2023. ‘II’ is the follow-up to Zebrahead‘s ‘III’ EP, which was released in 2021. Their ‘I’ EP is expected to drop in late autumn 2023, with singles and videos serving as a glimpse in between.

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