Kaali drop their debut single ‘Alone’

Kaali, a four-piece hardcore/metal band from Serbia, Russia, South Africa, and the UK, released their debut single ‘Alone.’ The song comes with an accompanying video which can be seen below.

Despite vocalist Viktor Nagradić being separated from the band since early 2021, Kaali has endeavored to continue writing and recording music. About the project “I think each individual should figure out the meaning behind the lyrics for themselves. That’s the whole beauty of writing and music. Let each listener have their personal version and moral behind what’s written.”

Drawing inspiration from genres such as black metal, hardcore, and post-rock, Kaali‘s vision has been to blend the sounds that have inspired the band through harsh times. Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that this diversity stems from the members themselves. Each originates from a different country, was raised with a different language, and brought up in a different way.

Despite these differences, the band was drawn together in Vietnam in 2020 with a shared need to create, record, and play music. After intense writing sessions leading to an EP, the band embarked on a series of shows in Saigon and Hanoi.


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