Life Of Agony’s Alan Robert launches massive ‘Monster Chompers’ NFT collection

Just in time for Halloween, rockstar-turned-bestselling artist Alan Robert is launching his very first NFT collection featuring 10,000 uniquely designed monsters called Monster Chompers on October 31st. The Life of Agony bassist and Beauty of Horror creator has partnered with top software agency Way Too Digital to develop the limited, one-of-a-kind, digital collectibles. Way Too Digital is the same group behind several high-profile projects for Gary Vee, NTWRK, and Cardano. Check out Monster Chompers NFTs at

Each non-fungible token (NFT) has a varying set of character traits that determine its rarity. First off, there are multiple monster species available, such as vampires, werewolves, mummies, zombies, and more. Secondly, each character is depicted chowing down on a bizarre selection of meals from the All-Nite Eatery Menu. Delicacies include Spaghetti & Eyeballs, Rancid Ratatouille, and Spicy Shrunken Heads Skewers, to name a few. All elements were hand-drawn by Robert and randomly generated using algorithms to produce 10,000 unique combinations. The Monster Chompers NFTs are then minted and live on the Ethereum blockchain.

“This NFT collection has been an absolute blast to work on. Monster Chompers takes two of my favorite things: horror and comedy, and throws them in the blender together to produce something hilarious, twisted, and completely unique,” said Alan Robert“Working closely with the fantastic team at Way Too Digital has been an awesome and eye-opening experience, too. I’ve learned so much about how NFTs are revolutionizing the digital art space. It’s such an exciting time and I can’t wait to unleash Monster Chompers on the world this Halloween. This collection is just the beginning for the brand, too. There are already plans in the works to expand the IP into other media as well.”

“This is by far our most exciting and fun generative NFT avatar project,” said Way Too Digital’s Founder and CEO Agustin Rodriquez. “It has been an amazing experience working with an artist of Alan’s stature, and every time we receive new materials from him, it makes us tickle and smile. He not only manages to create a strong emotional connection between his artwork and the community, but also with people like us who are new to the horror genre. We’re also very happy that Monster Chompers will be the first project launching on our new white-label NFT platform with a built-in secondary market. That way, it keeps the whole user experience on-brand, similar to how NBA Top Shop did with sports.”

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