Like Pacific – ‘We all wanted something a little harder hitting’

Words: Miljan Milekić

Canadian band Like Pacific is known for their energy, melody, and aggression. Blending pop punk, punk rock, and even hardcore, they created a unique style that instantly gained them attention. This July, they released their sophomore LP ‘In Spite of Me,’ so we caught up with frontman Jordan Black for a quick chat. Check it out.

Like Pacific / Photo: Kurt Cuffy

Hi guys! At this point, ‘In Spite of Me’ is out for some time. Looking back, how happy are you with it?
Jordan: We’re the happiest we’ve been with a release. It’s exactly what we wanted.

‘In Spite of Me’ comes two years after ‘Distant Like You Asked,’ but offers quite a different sound and approach. Was it something intentional, something you had in mind from the start, or it just came to you naturally while recording new songs?
Jordan: I think we all wanted something a little harder hitting. It was great to be able to actually release something that we all loved. We had planned on having harsher vocals and riffs.

Obviously, the record is connected to the one before it, but personally, I see it more connected to your 2015′ self-titled EP, which was the first time I heard of your band. Did you ever think about it, and do you maybe feel the same way?
Jordan: Not many people see that but yeah, totally. The EP was Like Pacific’s sound 100%. We just tried to go back to that but added more of our influences now.

For more than three years now, you are part of the Pure Noise family, with some of the best and upcoming bands around – The Story So Far, Boston Manor, Four Year Strong… How does it work for you to be surrounded by so many talented bands? Does it give you a bit more motivation or pressure?
Jordan: I don’t think there’s any real pressure. We have friends in all of those bands. It’s great to see them succeed. If anything, Pure Noise is like a family, so it’s all positive and fun.

Pure Noise surely looks like they know their business. How important do you feel signing with them was for you as a band?
Jordan: Pure Noise was our first choice, and we’re so damn lucky to be with them. They’ve given us so many great opportunities, and it was the best move we could have made.

Your music has often been labeled as pop punk, but I feel you offer much more than a typical band from the genre. Did you ever have a problem with being labeled one way, or you just don’t care about it?
Jordan: People can put whatever label they want on us. I mean, really… We do fit the pop punk name, but yes, we’re not stuck.

The combination of melody and aggression in your music made you a perfect fit for tours with different kinds of bands. Who do you like to tour with, and what would you single out as your favorite tour so far?
Jordan: Mixed billed tours are sick. They don’t really happen as much anymore, from what I’ve noticed. I think all of them have had some peak moments, but definitely the Four Year Strong tour last year as well as the Neck Deep/State Champs tour in 2016. Literally got to play to big crowds but still connect with every band on the bill.

Speaking of tours, do you have any idea when you’ll be bringing ‘In Spite of Me’ to the Mainland of Europe?
Jordan: Yo… We need to get there ASAP. The UK is a lot of fun, but I’d love to bang out both. It will happen for sure.

One last – there is a joke going around that you guys and Stand Atlantic have to do a North American coast-to-coast tour because of your names. So, when it will happen?
Jordan: If Stand Atlantic let me rinse them for their money in dice and don’t drink my Jameson, then hell yeah! Bring it on.

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