Nothing, nowhere @ Dürer Kert, Budapest, Hungary

Words: Miljan Milekić

I can’t recall many artists that gained more hype in the last year or two than nothing, nowhere. Especially in the underground circles. Appearing in the peak of the trap and mumble rap, he offered something different and fresh, combining hip hop and trap with emo and putting a lot of emotion in his music. The crowd instantly recognized it, and the show could start. Also, being discovered and signed by Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump, and then later by Fueled by Ramen can surely help.

With ‘ruiner’ still being fresh, nothing, nowhere is currently on his successful European tour, selling out venues like it’s no big deal. Budapest’s show was no different. Although the small room of Dürer Kert can’t be called a huge venue, going against two other shows in the same building, and still leaving quite a few people on the outside is not an insignificant accomplishment. Even more fascinating, the club was packed with young people, from all the different musical backgrounds from punk and hardcore to hip hop.

Backed by drummer and guitarist, Joe Mulherin offered a selection of songs touching on all phases of his career, from his DIY roots to the newer stuff, including the latest single ‘dread.’ The good thing about the small rooms is the fact that everything is so close. The level of energy exchange is sky-high with the crowd singing every line, jumping, and even stage diving from time to time. Obviously, highlights came in the form of ‘Hopes Up,’ and ‘hammer’ before finishing off with ‘Nevermore’ and ‘i’m sorry, i’m trying.’

Having artists like Nothing, nowhere is important, but even more important is that they reach the crowd. Much like the punk or hardcore do, his music is speaking of important things, including mental health, self-hate, depression, and anxiety. He definitely has his place in the music world, even if he never reaches mainstream success, although it’s hardly like to happen. He and his band could use a year or two of constant touring to raise the bar with the live performance, but that was the least important thing this night. See you next time!

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