Listen to The Bloody Beetroots’ remix of Letdown.’s ‘Empty’

Big Loud Rock, the new alternative/rock imprint of Big Loud Records, and Letdown. are excited to present ‘Empty (The Bloody Beetroots Remix),’ a reimagining of the Chicago/Nashville-based songwriter and vocalist’s emotionally charged single.

Teaming up with the acclaimed electronic act The Bloody Beetroots — the punk rock and comic book-inspired creation of Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo that mixes his classical training, his punk obsession, and his passion for electronic music into an edgy rock-meets-dance hybrid sound – the remix is a dark and harrowing offering that pairs well with the song that details the internal strife that heavily informs Blake Coddington of Letdown.’s songwriting.

“I struggle a lot with my mental health – it’s tough for me to put a smile on for everyone else,” Coddington explains. “I write music not only as therapy for myself but for others who feel they are spread too thin, falling short or just not good enough.” In regards to the remix, Rifo adds: “I had a lot of fun turning a sad song into a creepy tune.”

The Bloody Beetroots‘ remix of ‘Empty’ follows Letdown.‘s previous singles ‘Freak’ and ‘Go To Hell,’ a track that received 10,000 pre-saves, 4 million views, and 700k likes on TikTok. Watch the Filippo Bano-directed music video for the remix below.

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