Lizzy Farrall releases new single ‘MadHotel’

The inspiringly unique Lizzy Farrall is back with her shapeshifting new single ‘MadHotel.’ Of ‘MadHotel,’ Lizzy comments:‘MadHotel’ welcomes you to a new world of self-destruction and coping mechanisms. It’s haunted with the feeling of not understanding your own behaviors & searching for a vice.”

“The idea and concept for ‘MadHotel’ sparked in 2020/2021 along with my upcoming releases. I’d actually written and then rewritten ‘MadHotel’ quite a few times until it took its final form in 2022. I guess I’d describe it as my pilot & foundation for my new sound. I’ve been performing ‘MadHotel’ on tours and festivals before I even knew when I would release it or if I even was going to! It’s so different sonically to what I’d written & it became quite precious to me, but playing this song live made me feel more at home on a stage than I’ve ever felt, it gave me the push and confirmation that this new sound feels very much my own.”

A dynamic force in the UK music scene since 2018, Lizzy emerged from the verdant landscapes of North Wales to craft a sound that defies convention. Now Birmingham-based, Lizzy’s musical journey began in her homeschooling days, where her creativity found fertile ground to flourish. Having traversed the UK, Europe, and the United States, Lizzy’s stage presence is as eclectic as her sound. Her debut album, ‘Bruise’ released in 2020, marked a significant milestone in her career, capturing the attention of audiences worldwide.

Sharing stages with luminaries such as Lights, Set It Off, The Story So Far, and Four Year Strong, Lizzy’s performances leave an indelible mark, whether in intimate venues or at major UK festivals like Slam Dunk and 2000 Trees.

Entering 2024, Lizzy’s evolution as an artist and individual is palpable. Drawing inspiration from as varied artists as Deftones, The Prodigy, and Gwen Stefani, her new music seamlessly melds alt-pop, metal, and electronic dance elements. Breakbeats and breakdowns punctuate her compositions, showcasing her versatility and penchant for pushing boundaries.

Beyond her captivating vocals lies Lizzy’s prowess as a producer, intricately weaving together sonic tapestries that captivate and challenge listeners. Her distinctive sound is a breath of fresh air in a landscape often marred by predictability. In 2024, Lizzy Farrall stands poised to redefine expectations once again, as she unveils her latest sonic odyssey. With each note, she invites audiences into a world where genre barriers dissolve, leaving only the raw emotion and unadulterated passion that define her artistry.

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