Former Fever 333 members launch new band House Of Protection, share debut single ‘It’s Supposed To Hurt’

Former members of the band Fever 333, Stephen Harrison and Aric Improta, are back with a brand-new band called House Of Protection. “We wanted to build something that protected our creativity and ideas as well as the people that come to the shows”, said the duo about the name behind their new project – recently they have released their first single as well titled ‘It’s Supposed To Hurt’ which was produced by Jordan Fish, one of the former members of Bring Me The Horizon.

Fish and Harrison met when his band The Chariot first travelled with Bring Me The Horizon on the Warped Tour in the US around a decade ago. “Since then, we’ve just been boys and got closer and closer and now he’s one of my best friends,” Harrison explained. “During my time in Fever, he was always there encouraging me and being a homie. He always said, ‘Whenever you start writing music, hit me up – I want to support.’”

The song itself is the product of the duo looking for a new beginning after parting ways with their former outfit. “Some of the vocals were from our initial improvisations,” explained Stephen and Aric. “When we started this, we had no idea how we would sound or where we wanted to take it. Neither of us had sung before, we just knew the energy we wanted to create sonically and that we’d put in whatever time it took to get it to feel right. Fortunately, this song answered a lot of those questions instantly.” Check out the music video below.

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