Quiksilver teams with Bitch Diesel, Sophy Hollington and Miki Kim for Originals series

At the foot of the Basque Pyrenees and bordered by a winding road leading directly to the sea, the Chilincha house hosted a group of designers from all over the world for a week. All of them brought their talent, inspiration, ideas, and energy to achieve something new. With Originals, Quiksilver celebrates the friendship, creativity, and freedom of expression of all around the same feeling of authenticity.

Phoebe Taylor comes from Melbourne, Australia, and she is the singer of Bitch Diesel, a garage punk band that loves cheap wine and fortune-telling. Her blood type is the rarest in the world which makes her say that she comes from another planet. And it is quite possible.

Sophy Hollington comes from Brighton, UK. Deep thought and the details – Sophie is an artist and an illustrator, and she often chooses to bring her visions to life via the long printing process of lino-cutting.

Hailing from Seoul, Korea, Miki Kim puts all her creativity into her tattoos and her work as a graphic designer. Her many trips are her main source of inspiration.

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