Mayday Parade releases ominous new music video for ‘I Can Only Hope’

Mayday Parade have released the music video for ‘I Can Only Hope’ which marks the third and final video release alongside their ‘Out of Here’ EP. In addition, the band has announced a full-album virtual show of their fan-favorite sophomore album ‘Anywhere But Here’ on December 5th – tickets are available HERE.

The video was directed by longtime collaborator Guadalupe Bustos and opens on a fall day with a powerful quote from H.P. Lovecraft. In the video, each of the band members – Derek Sanders, Brooks Betts, Alex Garcia, Jake Bundrick, and Jeremy Lenzo – appear to be running from something – though the audience can’t be sure what that is. The song was written about a time of fear and uncertainty for drummer Jake Bundrick, who says: ‘I Can Only Hope’ simply put, is about my father. He recently had some medical issues in Georgia and being that I live in California, I felt so far away. The song is about being terrified. It’s about that uncertainty of whether someone will pull through something so difficult. It’s about the unknown that follows all of it and never forgetting the sounds or senses of the moment when you received the news.”


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