Meekz releases highly anticipated new mixtape ‘Tru,’ shares video for ‘Manny’

British rapper Meekz has released his highly anticipated second mixtape ‘Tru.’ Ahead of the release, Meekz shared standout track ‘Manny’, a hard-hitting rap anthem dedicated to Manchester. Sampling the iconic 2004 hit ‘New York’ by Ja Rule, Fat Joe, and Jadakiss, ‘Manny’ channels the same gritty energy – serving as a testament to Meekz’s deep connection with his hometown, much like ‘New York’ did for its creators.

‘Tru’ marks a triumphant return for the masked rapper, his first full-length release since his colossal debut mixtape ‘Respect The Come Up’ in 2022. ‘Tru’ is a confident and self-assured offering, and added proof of Meekz’s fierce commitment to leaving a lasting footprint in Manchester’s musical history. Meekz is entering a new juncture in his artistry, where the only resource is his own creativity, informing every decision he’s made putting the record together. In an era where artists strive for continuous engagement, he has gone the opposite way, taking the time to re-establish himself, push his own boundaries, and find new areas of growth. Meekz is an outlier – prioritizing patience and blessing his fans with quality over quantity – yet despite his “less is more approach”, demand for his music is at an all-time high.

Across a striking twelve tracks, the project is Meekz as he’s never been heard before yet still undeniably him. Rapping with a clarity and emotion that only real rap can provide, his impeccable tone, uncompromising lyrics and razor sharp flow are front and centre; all laid effortlessly over no-frills production, bringing listeners further into his world. Meekz has lived the life he so vividly describes in his raps; previously released singles ‘Mini Me’s’ and ‘GTA VI’ are Meekz at his finest, delivering his signature flows and referencing his earlier work. Title track ‘Tru’ is a deeply honest offering, based on a tattoo Meekz got when he was fifteen, a constant reminder to always be his most authentic self. ‘Emotional Songs’ and ‘Popular Syndrome’ close out the project, both intensely personal accounts of his most trying life experiences. This mixtape has it all.

To understand where he’s going, you need to understand where he’s been. Meekz’s ambitious way of thinking was inspired by Hip-hop greats, studying the early work of No Limit Records and renowned rapper, producer and music executive, Master P. Donning a mask to ensure nothing would detract or distract from the depth of his lyrics, Meekz began turning heads with his 2020 EP ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’ and has become an unstoppable presence since. His come up from the streets of Gorton, Manchester to UK rap’s top table has been nothing short of monumental. Meekz is constantly striving for greatness, establishing himself as one of the most intriguing talents in the UK today, whose music prides itself on moments of profound introspection. Expect a triumphant 2024.

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