Melodic punk band Freewill share new single ‘As We Sleep’

Originally formed in 1987, the Melodic punk band from California Freewill makes melodic punk with hardcore ethos. Following the recent single ‘The Weight’, now the band shares ‘As We Sleep.’ Both songs stem from a physical split with fellow California band Spark of Life, available for vinyl preorder now on New Age Records. ‘As We Sleep’ enters skate punk territory with circle-pit-ready rhythms making way for bouncier tempos. Paul Cranston’s high-pitched vocals deliver an important message on the current state of media consumption in America.

Expanding on the lyrics, Cranston states: ‘As We Sleep’ looks at the growing contingent of Americans living in quiet desperation. All the while, deceptive media outlets attempt to assert blame for our shortcomings. It’s difficult to know what the truth is any more. So, people grasp on to their own ‘truth.’”

Freewill is a southern California melodic punk band formed in 1987 when some friends came together to blend their love of DC hardcore (Dag Nasty/Embrace) and west coast punk (7 Seconds/Descendents). The band’s first show was opening for Agnostic Front and the Offspring in 1988. Around this time, the band was approached by Wishingwell Records and they started recording for their debut album. The record was engineered and produced by Bill Krodel (Dag Nasty, Inside Out, Chain of Strength). Soon after, Wishingwell Records dissolved without warning or much explanation, and the record was never released. Shortly after that, the members were all involved in different music projects and going in their own directions.

Fast forward to 2015, that record, titled ‘Sun Return’, was released on New Age Records, 28 years after it was recorded. The original members reunited for a benefit show for their friend Jon Bunch (Sense Field) who had tragically passed. This reunion sparked a fire to write new music and they started playing shows again (with Dag Nasty, Samiam, Texas Is The Reason). The output of those writing sessions was a brand new album, ‘All This Time,’ which was recorded by producer/engineer Paul Miner and released on Unity Worldwide Records in 2021. Since then the band has been playing shows and working on new material, teaming up with Paul Miner again for their two new songs on their forthcoming split with Spark Of Life‘The Weight’ and ‘As We Sleep.’

Upcoming Shows:

June 1st – Supply & Demand – Long Beach, CA w/ Cosmic Kitten

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