Neck Deep share reimagined track ‘What Took You So Long?’

Neck Deep have shared a beautifully reimagined version of ‘What Took You So Long?’ The reworked track is a far cry from the upbeat song that fans have come to know, emerging now as a much softer, more romantic ballad nearly seven months after its initial release. You can listen to ‘What Took You So Long?’ and purchase limited-edition Valentine’s Day-themed merch HERE. The original single comes from the band’s fourth album ‘All Distortions Are Intentional,’ released in 2020 via Hopeless Records.

’What Took You So Long?’ acoustic was something we whittled together during a little down time,” says vocalist Ben Barlow. “It was a song that originally came together in the studio, and whilst recording we noticed it’s ‘balladic’ (if that’s even a word, I haven’t been autocorrected!) qualities. We flicked through the stems and re recorded guitars acoustically and really just focused on getting the song to sound as beautiful as possible. We added a ton of different layers to the composition and even a little mandolin like in ‘Little Dove.’

”“It’s a straight up love song, and love is a complex spectrum, so we felt having a softer version alongside the original would nicely depict the different forms that love can take. Energetic and exciting, to delicate and meaningful all in the same moment. We hoped that it could provide a little sound track to those beautiful moments with this rendition. Enjoy!”


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