Pinkshift announce new EP ‘Suraksha,’ share first single ‘Home’

Pinkshift are leaping into a new era. The Baltimore punk rock outfit, comprised of Ashrita Kumar on vocals, Paul Vallejo on guitar, and Myron Houngbedji on drums, are gearing up to unveil a meaningful new collection of songs, largely inspired by their heritage.

“I grew up listening to Bollywood and Indian classical music would round out the songs perfectly,” Ashrita shares. “Going into the studio, the only thing on my mind was my family, and making these songs was unique because in my head I was making it for them.”

Even the EP’s title withholds a special meaning. ‘Suraksha’ (surakṣā) or सुरक्षा, is a Hindi word borrowed from Sanskrit. ‘Suraksha’ is due to arrive on October 13, 2023, via Hopeless Records.

Pinkshift – ‘Suraksha’ EP artwork

‘Suraksha’ EP tracklist:

Side A:

1. Lullaby
2. Home
3. To Me

Side B:

1. Lullaby (instrumental)
2. Home (instrumental)
3. To Me (instrumental)

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