Red Bull Skateboarding present Ryan Sheckler documentary ‘Rolling Away’

Ryan Sheckler and the most prolific names in skateboarding and sports discuss the importance of skate videos and the work ethic required to produce a game-changing video part. The film follows Ryan’s three-year, injury-fought journey of filming ‘Lifer,’ the action sports icon’s most monumental video part to date.

“I’ve been skating for almost 31 years and now I’m 33 years old. It’s crazy to think about it that way, but that’s what ‘Rolling Away’ and ‘Lifer’ is all about. It’s the culmination of my journey with skateboarding and proof that it’s unlike any other sport,” Sheckler shares.

‘Rolling Away’ features Ryan Sheckler, Geoff Rowley, Paul Rodriguez, Tony Hawk, Eric Koston, David Reyes, Gary Rogers, Selema Masekela, Jamie Foy, Nora Vasconcellos, Klay Thompson, Ira Ingram, Rune Glifberg, and more.

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