PVRIS publishes new album ‘Evergreen’ and reveals video for ‘I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore’

PVRIS (Lyndsey Gunnulfsen) has released her new album ‘Evergreen’ today via Hopeless Records. The LP is her fourth studio album and is largely co-produced by Lyndsey Gunnulfsen alongside collaborators including Mike Shinoda, Y2K, JT Daly, and Dan Armrbuster. As a fiercely passionate LGBTQ+ woman, Gunnulfsen has fought her entire career to make sure her voice is heard and her art is not compromised in a male-dominated world. ‘Evergreen’ is a call to empower other women and individuals to find strength in their voices. Musically ‘Evergreen’ showcases PVRIS‘ musical progression with her unique and compelling blend of electronic, rock, and pop elements.

In celebration of the album release, PVRIS premiered the music video for single, ‘I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore.’ Directed by Jax Anderson and PVRIS frontwoman, Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, the video connects all the previously released visuals from ‘Evergreen,’ calling back to arresting images like Lynn split between nature and a synthetic world, and Lynn battling internal distress and conflict. With visualizers launching for every song on the album, Gunnulfsen shares a unique companion piece, immersing fans into the world of ‘Evergreen.’

Weary of seeing how modern culture has become so dependent on the internet, social media, instant gratification, and the ever-present “algorithm”, Gunnulfsen embarked on a journey of reflection, meditation, and self-discovery. The result is a body of work that feels timeless and refreshing. “If you search the definition of ‘evergreen’, you will find words like: enduring, timeless, fresh, unlimited, and renewal” Gunnulfsen explains: “In our modern culture where everything is online, algorithm-based, and instantaneous, it feels like timelessness, longevity and connection could someday become dying concepts. More than ever, PVRIS has, and always will be anti-formula, anti-virality, and anti-instant gratification.”

Highly-inventive and extremely cohesive, the album opens with the explosive and personal track ‘I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore’ and leads into the ferocious, defiant ‘Animal’ – a song about breaking free of control, whether it’s from other people or from ourselves. “It’s about challenging the identity the outside world chooses to give you,” Gunnulfsen adds, “It’s also a comment on fame and spectacle. We do each other a disservice by restricting one another to these metaphorical cages, the ones we’re constantly putting others in and being put in by others. ‘Animal’ is about challenging that.”

While many of the songs evoke politically-charged themes, the invigorating album is met with a narrative that is also deeply introspective. Songs like ‘Anywhere But Here’ and ‘Love Is A…’ dissolve into a luscious, trance-like experience that breathes levity into an intimate atmosphere. “At its core, ‘Anywhere But Here’ is about wanting to escape your surroundings. I think a lot of us experience that to some degree, a longing to be somewhere or with someone you can’t necessarily identify.”

PVRIS – ‘Evergreen’ artwork

‘Evergreen’ tracklist:

01. I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore
02. Good Enemy
03. Goddess
04. Animal
05. Hype Zombies
06. Take My Nirvana
07. Senti-Mental
08. Anywhere But Here
09. Headlights
10. Love Is A…
11. Evergreen



PVRIS is debuting new material from ‘Evergreen’ for the first time live on the UK/EU arena slots supporting Fall Out Boy

October 17th – Cos Torwar – Warsaw, PL
October 18th – Sportavni Hala Fortuna – Prague, CZ
October 20th – Mediolanum Forum – Milan, IT
October 21st – Zenith – Munich, DE
October 23rd – Zenith – Paris, FR
October 24th – Afas Live – Amsterdam, NL
October 25th – Forest National – Brussels, BE
November 6th – Rudolf Weber Arena – Oberhausen, DE
November 7th – Barclays Arena – Hamburg, DE
November 8th – Max Schemeling-Halle – Berlin, DE

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