Red City Radio share a new music video ‘100,000 Candles’

Punk-rockers Red City Radio have released their brand new single ‘100,000 Candles.’ Combining their anthemic guitar melodies with vocalist Garrett Dale’s impassioned lyrics, the track perfectly highlights the band’s ability to tell relatable stories through rock music.

“The image of the burning forest as candles turns something destructive into an image we associate with hope” shares drummer Dallas Tidwell. “It becomes a chance that isn’t too late to change our fate, to choose a new path. To learn from those mistakes we have to ask ourselves: How did we get here? Why is the world on fire?”

‘100,000 Candles’ is the most recent single from Red City Radio’s upcoming full-length album ‘Paradise,’ which will be released December 4th, 2020 via Pure Noise Records.

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