Reuben and The Dark share new single ‘All My Friends’

Reuben and The Dark are sharing another new track from their upcoming LP, ‘In Lieu Of Light,’ due out September 9, 2022, via Arts & Crafts. ‘All My Friends’ is an impassioned ballad on the magic of being surrounded by loved ones with frontman Reuben Bullock singing “When all my friends are gone, tell me where will I be.”

The band’s spirited alt-folk mastery is illuminated by Bullock’s mesmerizing emotion, draped over dramatic piano and rousing strings, while raucous guitars echo in the distant desert. With ‘All My Friends,’ the Calgary-bred Joshua Tree-based outfit offers one of its most elegant and evocative hymns, a song of togetherness hung deftly on the precipice of loneliness.

“This song sprung from a chorus I had in my head for a long time,” says Bullock. “It was never supposed to feel sad, but when I sing it, it always does. It wasn’t until being isolated from so many friends and family that I realized the power of the lyrics. The verses and bridge were a culmination of events in my life during those months. Monumental moments of disruption that sent shivers down my spine, and immediately found their way into the song.”

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