Rise Against drop new song ‘Broken Dreams, Inc.’ from DC’s ‘Dark Nights: Death Metal’

Multi-Gold and Platinum-selling punk rock stalwarts Rise Against will see ‘Broken Dreams, Inc.,’ their first new song in three years, and the first as part of a new agreement with Loma Vista Recordings. Produced by Bill Stevenson, Jason Livermore, Andrew Berlin, and Chris Beeble, ‘Broken Dreams, Inc.’ is angry, fast and furious punk rock, with ruthless drums, pounding bass, blazing guitar and impassioned vocals. Also released today is the animated/motion comic video for the song that features art from DC’s ‘Dark Nights: Death Metal‘ drawn by the series’ artist Greg Capullo.

‘Broken Dreams, Inc.’ speaks to today’s changing landscape of American society, the opportunities that are available to some but not to others, the people who are able to benefit versus those who get left behind, who suffer and end up as casualties. How do we level the playing field so everyone can have a real chance at attaining the American Dream? Said Rise Against’s vocalist/lyricist Tim McIIlrath, “One word, ‘disruption.’ You have to put power into the hands of the people, not business, you have to value people and community over profit. You can’t have a shareholder-run country or a shareholder-run world, a world that values profit above all else, because profit above all else can result in dangerous repercussions for humankind.”

On Saturday DC premiered the ‘Dark Nights: Death Metal’ soundtrack trailer at DC FanDome, a mega, 24-hour, immersive, self-guided, virtual experience with on-demand panels, presentations and reveals – think ComicCon, but all online and from the comfort of home.

Said Tyler Bates, ‘In Dark Nights: Death Metal,’ Loma Vista Recordings and I saw an opportunity to bring artists together to create a diverse soundtrack that is inspired directly by this incredible comic series. Our intent is not to literally create a death metal soundtrack, but instead, to illuminate the darkest corners of each character’s psyche from an authentic perspective that is thematically inherent in death metal music. But a soundtrack is merely a collection of songs unless it is holistically intertwined with the story teller’s original work. With the support of DC and Loma Vista Recordings, and with the help of several artists, I’m creating a short-form animatic film series derived from Greg Capullo’s original artwork for ‘Dark Nights: Death Metal.’ I’ve invited artists on the soundtrack, and pop-culture personalities alike, to voice the characters illustrated in Scott and Greg’s masterful take on classic DC characters. This has possibly never been more relevant to real life than the challenging time the world is currently experiencing.”

“Personally, being involved with this soundtrack is really fantastic,” said McIlrath. “Growing up, my little brother and I would ride our bikes to the newsstand near our house and spend all our money on the latest comic books, and Batman was a favorite. Also, Zach, our guitarist, is probably the biggest comic book geek in our band. He’s talked about how, along with his brother and father, they were all big DC fans – Batman, Robin, Superman, Aquaman, all the comic book series, the TV shows, and feature films. So, yes, we’re all very excited about being part of this.”

‘Dark Nights: Death Metal’ is the sequel to DC’s wildly popular 2017-18 series ‘Dark Nights: Metal,’ that brought widespread changes to the DC universe and introduced fans to the Dark Multiverse, and a runaway-hit villain, the Batman Who Laughs. The series provides an encore for the original creative team consisting of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo, along with inker Jonathan Glapion and colorist FCO Plascenia. Issues One, Two, and Three are available now at your local comics shop and digitally.


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