Rise Against surprise release new EP ‘Nowhere Generation II’

Rise Against have just released a new EP titled ‘Nowhere Generation II’ via Loma Vista. The new release, which follows their latest studio album ‘Nowhere Generation’ from 2021, was recorded at the same time as the original record. Stream the new EP HERE.

Tim McIlrath shares: “We’d written 16 songs for this album and then we decided to break them apart. Not only could the music get lost, but the message could get lost in asking people to listen to this all at once. I think this is, hopefully, a more effective way to give these issues the platform and the spotlight that they rightly deserve. We wanted to hold onto these and give them to our fans when we feel like they’ve had time to properly digest this first batch, so these songs were the aces up our sleeves.”

In addition, they have released a video for the lead single ‘Last Man Standing.’ Director Ryan Valdez shares on the new video: ‘Last Man Standing’ was a way of expressing some frustration with our world in regards to exploitation, public alienation and human inequality. As you see in the video, we are fed through this race of survival. Only to be taken down, regardless of our success or efforts. Almost as if the game was rigged, designed to set us up for failure.”


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