Twenty One Pilots reimagine their biggest hits for MTV Unplugged

Twenty One Pilots have joined the prestigious list of MTV Unplugged performers. The duo reimagined some of their most popular songs for this occasion, including ‘Car Radio,’ ‘Stressed Out,’ and ‘Heathens.’ Check out the full performance down below.

Speaking to Forbes about the set, Tyler Joseph shared: “When we were tapped to do this I did my deep dive into MTV Unplugged‘s of the past and realised that, ‘Yes, the concept is that it’s stripped down, you grab an acoustic guitar and you sing your song.’ But I think more than more than that it turned into an opportunity to see an artist or a band in a different way than they traditionally present themselves.

“So I kind of took that and came up with a concept where we’re actually not very unplugged at all. We’re very plugged in. But it is very different than anything we’ve ever done before. Usually Josh and I performed at prerecorded tracks so that we can focus on our performance and all that. And we’re proud of our tracks we made them ourselves, but still prerecorded nonetheless.

“What we’re doing for MTV Unplugged, though, is we’re actually gonna be building out those tracks and looping and playing every sound that you hear and watching what chemistry is required in order to make those backing tracks. Where in the past we would be playing to prerecorded ones, we’re actually gonna be building them out. So it’s kind of a looping function. And then by the end of each song, you’ll have really a different version of the song than, than anyone’s heard before.”


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