Rissa Boo drops new single and video ‘The Blast’

Rissa Boo is a multipotential artist. Writer, rapper, photographer, and experimented backpacker. Hailin’ from Paris, he began his activism through graffiti and breakdance before moving to New York City to feel closer to the hip hop culture. He starts rapping on his firsts mixtapes while backpacking in South America, Asia, and Africa for almost 2 years.

He released his first album ‘Heritage To Defend’ as an independent which he would defend on stage with King Siroko (Zulu Nation) as well as 2 EPs of which he wrote and interpreted the tracks in English, French, and Portuguese, crossing varied atmospheres and influences, posing with a theatrical and dynamic flow. He invites the American rapper Niko Is, the French rapper Nikkfurie (La Caution), and the reggae artist Bazil.

His EP ‘EP#C Scientifik’ was released on September 11th, 2020. With this new project, Rissa Boo stands out from the rap trend of the moment. The EP is a tasty mix of alternative rap, rock, and electro punk with an innovative style. The artist brings to it melodious digital sounds, all propelled by his casual rap with lyrics that are both raw and poetic.

Across seven titles, seven themes, and seven different atmospheres, he reveals his many facets: hippie, serious, sensitive, crazy, and engaged. The EP will be delivered with 7 music videos directed by Rissa Boo himself, 5 of them have already been released.

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