Wars release new single ‘A Fragile Thing’

Wars have released their brand new singleA Fragile Thing.’ The new track is the latest to be taken from ‘Chapter Four,’ the final installment of new music from their upcoming album ‘A Hundred Shivers’ out November 26th via A Wolf At Your Door. The album is produced by Matt O’Grady, who has also worked with ArchitectsDon BrocoDeaf Havana, and You Me at Six.

Despite its name, ‘A Fragile Thing’ is a raw and ready powerhouse bursting with blistering guitars, biting vocals, and an infectious chorus. Addressing the delicate and often combustible nature of our mind’s inner workings, the song is one of encouragement, urging those struggling to focus on enjoying the positives rather than anxiously awaiting the next low.

Vocalist Rob Vicars comments, “In ‘Chapter Four’ of ‘A Hundred Shivers,’ the songs have really been about a feeling of change, and the fear and uncertainty that comes with that. While [previous single] ‘Grief, They Named It’ was about how we tackle the sudden, big changes in our life, ‘A Fragile Thing’ is about dealing with a mental state that can change at any moment, in ourselves and others.

Sometimes the fragility of our state of mind can be a bit of a mental pitfall in itself. I get so in my head about what ‘might’ set me off sometimes, about just how temporary a positive place can feel, that that’s what causes it to all fall away. And when you see that in someone else, someone you love and care about, it’s still so difficult to know how to handle.”

Releasing an album in chapters is untraditional, but it gave the band the opportunity to be more creatively free, enclosing messages and themes within each release to ultimately piece together a diverse and exciting album. 

Speaking about the release, Rob shares, “A Hundred Shivers’ has shaped our lives for a bit longer than we first anticipated, and we are so excited to finally announce the release of all the chapters combined in one record. As we get ready for it to come out, and as the world seemingly, slowly, creeps back into a being we recognize, it almost seems overwhelming. We can’t wait to share what remains of this record with you; it has been our raft in the river for so long – maybe it can be yours now too.

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