See Letícia Bufoni’s new revamped home skate park

Letícia Bufoni may only be 27 years of age, however, she has been a global trailblazer for women’s skateboarding for well over a decade now. And with Tokyo Olympics just around the corner, the Brazilian has been hard at work training in her backyard set-up at her Los Angles home.

In order to keep her skills and fitness in tip-top shape heading into the Olympics, where skateboarding is making its debut, Bufoni has created an amazing skate park in her Los Angeles home backyard, providing herself with endless possibilities by installing a box, euro-gap, handrail, hubbas and quarter-pipes in her outdoor space, while she keeps her fitness up with weights and stretching in her own gym.

“I got my skate park renewed about a year ago and I added some stuff that wasn’t here because I want a skate park that I can train for a competition,” she revealed. “This handrail, it’s perfect for learning tricks. This stair is super small and fun. The hubba too. It’s like what they have in competition, but a little bit smaller. I designed the whole thing. The A-Frame, it’s my favorite thing to skate. It’s super fun. It’s a small one so you can learn tricks, skate for hours. When I’m not traveling, just come to the backyard and skate.”

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