So cal melodic punks Chaser release new single ‘Fault Lines’

So Cal punk heroes Chaser have unveiled ‘Fault Lines’ the next single off their upcoming, long-awaited new album ‘Small Victories’, out on June 28th via SBAM Records (EU), Thousand Islands Records (North America), and Pee Records (Australia).

The 13-track album was produced by Cameron Webb (Motörhead, Pennywise, Alkaline Trio) and is the band’s first new release in 3 years.

Of the new single, the band says:‘Fault Lines’ is a metaphor for walking that unstable, fine line between being on the right track in life and falling into a dark place. As well as being aware of our own faults and being accountable and honest with ourselves. The song tackles the age-old battle of mind against matter. It challenges the listener to rise above their short comings, vices, and inherent faults, and to influence a positive change in their lives. It is relatable to anyone who has ever doubted their ability to tackle personal obstacles, fallen to rock bottom, and strived to get their feet back on stable ground.”

The band also adds: “It’s about not giving in to what fate seems to have planned for you, and about finding stability both mentally and physically. In these trying times, we all walk a fragile line, but ultimately, your fate is not predetermined, and you decide the life you want to see.”

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