The Story So Far release new single ‘All This Time’

The Story So Far have released their new single ‘All This Time’ off of their upcoming album ‘I Want To Disappear’. ‘All This Time’ opens the new album with all of the punch, catchy guitar riffs, and urgent drum fills that listeners have come to love from The Story So Far throughout their storied career.

The Story So Far will be releasing their fifth studio album ‘I Want To Disappear’ on June 21st via Pure Noise Records. Produced by Jon Markson (Drug Church, KOYO), the album features previously-released singles ‘Big Blind’ and ‘Letterman’ alongside seven brand new The Story So Far tracks.

When speaking about the record, it’s hard for the band to pinpoint what inspired them in writing its songs, but for the four of them, there was a lot going on both personally and professionally in their lives. “We kind of grew out of our 20s between this record and last” says Torf. “Like a lot of people, you go through so many different things in life and you’re faced with new challenges. As a band, when you go through hardships you realize that some things are more important than music. These can and do take priority over playing, and that can feel divisive. It’s sometimes necessary though, to get to where you want to go.”

“We were waiting for all the stars to align for our individual situations,” adds Geyer, “so that this record could be the priority, and that we had the time and space to make it happen in the way that we wanted to. We went through a lot as people, and as a band, to discover what was working about it, and we leaned into that.”

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