Sunset Radio release new single ‘Pride’

Sunset Radio have dropped the third single from their upcoming new album out this Fall. The new track, titled ‘Pride’ – self-produced by the band and recorded at the Seahorse Studio in Ravenna by the historical producer of the band, Fabrizio Panbarco (Melody Fall) – offers another point of view about the project.

“Stopping seems not to be part of our virtues,” the shared pop-punkers from Ravenna, as ‘Pride’ comes only two months after the release of the previous single ‘Ghosts & Cigarettes.’ “The song enters the electronic world,” the band ads, “while maintaining the pop punk vein. Trap verses and pop punk choruses halved. It is among the first songs we wrote during the period of the pandemic, a great reminder of something that can save us, that can somehow make us regain our strength and the desire to live life to the full, so that we can write and play in full pace as we always have.”

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