The Early November release new single ‘Five Years’

The Early November have released a new single ‘Five Years,’ taken from their album ‘Twenty,’ set for release on October 14th, via Pure Noise Records. ‘Five Years’ was the first song fully written for the 2006 album, ‘The Mother, The Mechanic, and The Path’ and “is a song about being proud of where you are and how you got there,” the band shares.

‘Twenty’ effortlessly straddles the divide between then and now, its 10 songs casting a backward glance at the days and years gone by, while also looking forward to the future. A collection of both brand new tracks and older ones written during the course of the band’s life to date, the result is something of a paradox: this both is and isn’t a new Early November record.

‘Twenty’ is an album we are extremely proud of,” shared Ace Enders“It captures the moments of our 20-year career perfectly. A lot of these songs were originally b-sides from over the years, some of which are the strongest songs we’ve written together, but simply just didn’t fit on an album. It feels almost like fate that they were saved until now for this release.”

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