Sunset Radio release video for the cover of ‘Bad Day’

For the first time the five-piece punk rock band from Ravenna, Sunset Radio, choose to remake a song by another artist, using pop sounds and combining them with an explosive chorus: ‘Bad Day’ by Daniel Powter.

With the video finally out, the band says: “With Daniel Powter‘s ‘Bad Day’ cover we explored a World that’s not so ‘usual’ for us. That’s the first time we decide to approach a song by another artist and to be honest, it wasn’t easy in the beginning. We worked with Fabrizio Pan (Melody Fall…), and with him we were able to give the song our style, he wanted to reach a punk-rock sound, which suits us best, and at the same time keep the pop spirit of the song. The result it’s a sad song, with an extra touch of California vibes that give the song a brand new life.”

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