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Rayssa Leal showcases her new Nike SB Dunk colorway with a new video part

With a fresh change of scenery and spots for days, Rayssa Leal and friends break in her new Nike SB Dunks in Los Angeles. Featuring Rayssa Leal, Filipe Mota, Keet Oldenbeuving, Gabryel...

Roos Zwetsloot – ‘I like to go big and push my limits’

Words: Miljan Milekić Roos Zwetsloot is the present and the future of skateboarding. An absolute powerhouse at contests all over the world and finalist of the first-ever skateboarding event at the Olympics in...

Candy Jacobs – ‘I am comfortable with who I am and what my values are’

Words: Miljan Milekić For years, Candy Jacobs has been a staple in European skateboarding. Not only she did a lot for the women skateboarding on the continent, but for the culture in general....

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