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Watch Survival Guide perform in a Dried-Up Creek Bed for Flood Magazine’s ‘Neighborhoods’ session

Emily Whitehurst aka Agent M, recently released a brand new album 'Deathdreams,' under her synth pop moniker Survival Guide. Now, she teamed up with Flood Magazine, for a special performance of two...

Survival Guide expresses feelings of rage-fueled revenge with ‘Sour Sorrow’ video

“It's like a gritty indie film of heartbreak to add to the current collection - I love the way the videos each have their own feel, but you still have a sense...

Survival Guide daydreams of drug deals in thrilling new music video and single ‘Lady Neptune’

"My dream involved a chaotic battlefield where people were fighting and killing each other, and somehow, I knew that if I drowned myself, I’d come back to life and emerge from the...

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